Ryan Leafgreen

With a wide breathe of IT experience as a Senior Systems/Network Administer for over 10 years, and over 8 years of Hyland OnBase Solutions experience I currently enjoy working among some of the best OnBase Solution Consultants in the industry. (I'm an American Citizen based in Des Moines IA). 100% Remote Preferred.

Top Level Skill Sets

Windows Systems Administration

With over 10 years of windows systems administration, I'm a seasoned engineer who knows how to talk the high level tech with other IT admins/developers or explain business processes with end users.

OnBase Administration

Over 8 years of OnBase Systems Administration & ECM Solution Development.

OnBase Upgrades

I've been involved with several OnBase Upgrade projects and can walk you through the topology of a web servers, application & SQL Database Servers.

OnBase Training

There are many accidental OnBase admins who've been asked to maintain a very complex environment with little training. I'm more than happy to come along side your admin(s), to help train answer questions about topics such as differences in client types, security, topology, best practices, you name it. Unfortunately you can't really google OnBase issues. Much of it comes from many hours of reading MRG's and just getting your hands dirty with experience.

Customer Experiance

I've worked with Retail, Nursing, Oil & Gas, Local & Federal Government projects developing a broad range of understanding within the Hyland ECM OnBase Ecosystem.


As a ECM OnBase Solution Engineer Consultant, I've seen many customer environments and have a deeper understanding of how OnBase is used in the real world.

Hyland GCS vs OnPrem

I've delt with many GCS environments and OnPrem systems. I understand the challenges with a cloud based OnBase install vs OnSite.

Low Code Developer

Experience building applications within OnBase Workflow and Workview.